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An ongoing body of academic fieldwork research, articles presented; offer reflection surrounding ongoing projects coordinated with and by the ‘WeLove:Collectiv’. The journal situates current social issues, within community centred paradigm shifts.

One of our overarching priorities for the WeLove:Collectiv Journal, envisions strong collaborative coordinated connections- between new writers, critical thinkers and revolutionary organisations, in solidarity to transform capitalism and the arts.

This is a space for everyone to develop their writing and research-led practice. If you would like to get involved or learn more about this reflective journal please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ tab (in the menu bar).

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JOURNAL for Series ONe- We Love: Wood Green


Reflections on We Love: Wood Green Feb 2020-Feb 2021

Written by Hannah Cassidy-Matthews
Edited by Rick Melling
Approx. 8 Min read

After a year of serious heartbreak on so many levels, I met Elijah Light– our podcast producer and sound developer. In terms of my moving to a new area, the timing was ideal for our paths to cross and moreover for us both to collaborate on something creatively regenerative. 2020 brought many personal losses and individual gains, these were also reflected at a global level… Separations and disputes between nations, industries, and groups… though for Elijah and I, a seed of realisation came to fruition. We were not alone in feeling apathetic. As two artists sharing similarly community development-based modes of thought, we wanted to provide new perspectives, arising from the current paradigm shifts emerging within both our communities and the wider world. It became imperative for us to speak with other community artists. Did we all feel alike about the impact of Covid-19 on our livelihoods? If so, how could we team up to support each other and our careers?

The mission took to a rocky start – I was pushed back for requesting unfunded help to develop the We Love Wood Green promotion video on a local forum. We observed the local community required the progression of unity and solidarity (gentrification affecting housing costs in the area alongside separation through numerous quarantine isolation periods). It shook me to hear a response to the call out requesting a video editor that “working for free will cause more damage to the industry”. The mentality that participatory community art in forms beyond temporary financial gratification; had no place opened my eyes to how humans become transformed in a reflection of their surroundings. It reminded me of the ever-present will of people to commoditize human resources through finance. Working for free has taken up most of my existence. It felt as imperative to generate solidarity through creative practice more than ever than there was for profiting off human energy. A year later the world has suddenly been hit by economic downturns and barrages of clinical alien science. Our ability to come together as creatives to develop community connectivity and cohesion had been stunted by the public health and events industry crises. We decided to call out to previous contributors to find solutions…

(Izzie Mitchel- participant design facilitator) and myself, organising the structure of the first #WLWG event in 2020)

JOURNAL for Series Two- We Love: Wood GreenUnlocking celebration


Considering the passing of Bell Hooks, how did covid and football matches impact weLove:woodgreen- unlocking celebration?

Written by Hannah Cassidy-Matthews
Edited by John Gonzales
Approx. 8 Min read

Walking to The Goodness Brewing co. over the 2021 spring/summer, I frequently noticed the police had cordoned off my route. Bus diversions and an increased police presence apparently intended to prevent ‘under-the -counter’ parties, a rise in muggings, stabbings, brawls and traffic crashes became the norm. The pandemonium surrounding my workplace increased exponentially during my first year coordinating events there… Though not because I was working there, I hasten to add. Seeing direct conflict through protest and news initiated a drive to coordinate the WL:WG event once again.  I discussed marketing strategies with Alex Evans, who suggested that hosting the event after the Euros could encourage diversity and inclusion within the WL.WG community.. This would ensure extra publicity and increased revenue in the run up to WL.WG. The idea of using capitalism to fund something quintessentially anti-capitalist appealed to me. It was however a concern of mine that showing the football on a giant screen, which would attract an influx of additional punters and inevitably increase the mingling of strangers in a pandemic. When England finally lost, I realised that WL:WG had the potential to alleviate some of the disappointment, and invited a variety of new facilitators to join us in hosting this year’s event…

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