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…Scroll for Some snaps taken at our previous #WLWG event in the goodness Brewery

Series 1b-
#We Love:Wood Green 2021

Caxton Youth Organisation is all ready to fundraise and raise awareness before the doors even open
Edible London getting ready to deliver the MOST wholesome veg this side of London
Wigs for Heros– applying the finishing touches…
TheRAPutix squad getting ready to hit the mic with their fresh new bars!
Dilli and Simone with the top holistic medicine bar by lotusflower_hummingbird
Dj Boogi graced our stage for the second time- getting us into the Groove with Soulsa ready for the evening ahead
Here comes the one and only Sparkle Mafia- ready to get you grooving, moving and shaking for the rest of the weekend
Now… show us your best Jungle Ballet routine, and 4,3,2,1!

Hannah Raggamamas Transformative and Empowering Theatre of The Oppressed workshop to close off a busy afternoon

Pizza Planning- Less beer labels and more pizza box designs- Goodness Brew PIZZA FTW
The Winner of the Dance off and Izzie making a pizza box together
…The Journey continued at the goodness Brewery for a new season- scroll for more bellow
Our jam-packed schedule, beautifully written by Tom the sign painter- ready to deliver a day and evening full of love, fun and merriment!
Our ‘Talking Tree App’- the Banana tree which tells jokes.. developed in conjunction with TheRAPutix and Onsen Presents
Artworks created by you!
Artworks created by Izzie & Inga in our pop up gallery

Inga Sluijs beautiful paper flower crafting workshop. Nothing better than learning names for horticulture whilst practising mindfulness

MMMMMMMH- Great treats from just one of our food vendors- Wrap Delight. Spontaneously collabing it up with African Spice- two fusion and emerging food specialists- One from Ivory Coast the other from Cyprus.. all under one corrugated roof
A clay person with a smiley belly takes a walk in the garden after being built in one of Natashkas’ Clay Modeling Workshops
Hannah Langston gearing up ready to paint the faces of Wood Green and beyond!
Edible London coming through with Juices and seed sewing workshops to Grow Your Own- Team Work makes the Dream Work!
…we now have a new Hip-Hop group in the making!

Series 1a-
#We Love:Wood Green 2020

The Goodness under the light of the February full moon
Rap Therapist and Psychotherapist Alex Deville under the old Goodness Brew banner- Over lockdown the space got a new look…
Out in the back garden- Streacchhhh ready for samba with Pumpkin Jigsaw….
Having a spray- designing cool T-Shirts with Ben Farleigh

poetry by barnicle:

Barnical is a Beat Boxer and Spoken word Rap Artist who loves creating ‘food-for-thought’ poems with/for people
Good old Bug Houses for every insects needs were for sale-
accompanied by Mr Briggs Beautiful ‘Design a butterfly badge’ workshop
Dj Boogi got us into the Groove with Soulsa inspired beats… dawn falls
‘Getting down’ with added Sax
More stretching inside to get ready for the third and final participatory workshop of the day with Angolerios Do
Tessie-Orange Turner, our live artist painted this brilliant piece whilst she sold her prints- we hope to write up an article about it soon!
Looooads of bits and bobs for sale inside- in support of our in house charity My AFK– raising awareness and funds for disabled children and young people living both locally, and nationwide.
Come and choose some magic beads and thread your own bracelet with My AFK
Design your own Goodness Brew beer Label with local Community Designer- Isabella Mitchell
A beautiful ‘Trojan Sound’ bottle! Courtesy of the ‘Design your own Beer Label’ workshop
Hannah Langston gearing up ready to paint the faces of Wood Green and beyond!
We Love Rap Therapy! Our in house TheRAPutix crew hard at it with the lyrical flows
Part 3 to the Capoeira Angola Workshopping program! Time to learn to ‘Jinga’!
…next thing you know a new Goodness Brewery band has formed

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