WLWG: 2020
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We started out as a community-resource within the Goodness Brewery, somewhere everyone can come together to enjoy music, art, and learning. The Goodness Brew Co. been was proud to host several workshops and outreach activities in collaboration with us a year ago. We want to continue exhibiting local artists, and provide Not-for-profit creative activities, to support the well-being of our local cultures and communities. As one of the founders at the Goodness Brewery, Zack says- “No business should exist solely for profit”.

Despite troubles arising from the unprecedented events of 2020, ‘WeLove’ aims to shed light on emerging community art and creative practices. By combining audio, video, community workshops, technology and broadcast- we are excited to present a series of engaging new collaborative interviews. On tours through community development projects, we question how the impact of societies continuous paradigm shifts, are affecting local grass roots organisations. We dream of finding our own solutions- From the grass-roots level, up!

If you would like take part in any way, touch in via the ‘Contact’ page. We engage in fantastic family friendly celebrations which embrace local multiculture, no matter where or what happens. Let’s love!

Super times, Sustainable laughter, Satisfied people, for the people, by the people, with the people- we love ❤

#WeLove:WoodGreen post-pandemic celebration- “The great Unlocking” 2021 promo video
#WeLoveWoodGreen 1St Anniversary: Airwaves Anniversary 2021 Promo Video

The Facilitators:

Hannah Raggamama– host & Project manager

Hannah is an Applied Theatre practitioner born and raised in London. Her work is rooted within community art practices gained through experiences working with marginalised communities from across the globe. With a keen interest in Spoken Word poetry and mental health coping mechanisms, she strives to comprehend how gentrification in London is affecting the mental and social wellbeing of local cultures and communities.
Hannah completed her Masters Degree in Applied Anthropology & Community Art in 2020, which investigated how applied theatre activism was impacted by emerging technological developments.
Through the construction of this project she hopes to connect, unite and provide a platform to lovers of creativity and collectivity. Via intergenerational and intersectional performance practices she aims to raise awareness- No matter who, what, where or how.


Elijah john- Podcast Producer &
Sound Developer

Elijah comes from a background in transformative Youth work. With experiences spanning over ten years, his previous work with venerable young people in London led him to develop and produce music with his band- ‘Backyard Bully‘. As a Local singer, performer, songwriter and lover of all things community- he has transferred his skills working with young people into consciousness-raising podcasts and music, which touches on current social issues.
Elijah is the sound developer and producer working within the ‘WeLove: Wood Green 1st Anniversary Airwaves Edition’ podcast. He believes that everyone deserves a voice and a platform to express themselves openly and freely.


Our Contributors/Content Credits:

Broadcasting platform Series 1: https://threadsradio.com/

Music and sound by:
Filthy Milita &

Video Editing:
Marie-Cruz Njie Medina
Video Footage: Gordon Edwards