The Goodness Brewing Co: Alex Evans

The Goodness is a brewery, bar & venue based in Wood Green, North London. Opening its doors to the public in the summer of 2019, The Goodness has held a strong community driven presence within the area. Formed by locals, the companies ethos has striven to produce high quality and sessional beers, to provide a family friendly space that plays host to live music, exhibitions and creativity. Along side this it’s been important to ensure we have regular opening hours for locals to party and relax. Before the public health crisis, The Goodness had hosted many events; including a secret sold out Four Tet concert, and multi-genre gig nights; covering Hip-hop, Punk, Jazz, Reggae, Pop, Ska and so on. The brewers have a community led project named “Wood Green Hopping” which allows anyone to bring locally grown hops to the site and to brew, leading to a beer that actually makes it way to pubs around the country! The Goodness hosted a fantastic charity led & local trader event “#WeLoveWoodGreen”, which showcased many talented performances, workshops and goods. Delivered and provided by the local people, for the local people. When the pandemic ends, we endeavour to carry on supporting the creative arts community and will continue to share our delicious craft beer and home made pizzas with everyone as we have been doing throughout the lockdown- through delivery & takeaway. Cheers to a positive future! Please check out The Goodness Brewery’s ‘Crowdfunder’ campaign, which will hopefully earn its community a canning machine! This will allow us to ethically produce and distribute fresh quality beer quickly and easily to it’s customers.

Written by Alex Evans

As mentioned by Alex in the first series of our ‘WeLoveCollective’ podcasts- We had been secretly working on developing a series of music video parodies. Team solidarity, boosting staff moral and bringing collective joy to peers, communities and colleagues had been crucial in maintaining the Good Vibes at The Goodness. Even when doors were closed for business they still delivered substantial entertainment and nourishments online.

Enjoy our monthly light-hearted, musical cover band parodies below as a recap of the first part of this year (2021):

MARCH: Our most recent Video- HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY! “Some people say I look like my Dad…” What a 90’s flash back!
FEBRUARY: Valentines Shmalentines- Why Not fall in love with a home made locally brewed beer, Crowdfunded canning machine or Pizza and save yourself some drama this year!?
JANUARY: Check out the Goodness Brewery’s (hilarious) New Years Music Video: 2021 here we come!
DECEMBER: Their First Ever Music Video! A Very Merry Christmas Special…


In the WLWG Feature we asked Alex ‘What would their ideal outcome be for community artists in light of the public health crisis impact on the arts?’. Below were his suggestions, hopes and visions moving forward into the new year:

-Collaborate and reinvigorate art and music scenes from within the Goodness Brewing co. network
-Bring solidarity through raising morale
-People react to art in different ways so we dream of a live atmosphere and dancing- to try and recreate that experience of collective joy without having to be there

Bio’s and Bibliography:

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